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ROYAL SQUAD KENNEL home of Quality Dogs

breeds only sweet-tempered dogs and raise our puppies with tender loving care within our family.

  • We Breed and Show Only KCI Reg. Dogs. contact us for best quality puppies as well as we providing free tips for growth and medications.

  • When you Getting a dog you must keep in mind that you are not acquiring a toy but a living being and you will have to be responsible for it for many years.

Royal Squad Kennel supports the introduction of well-behaved dogs to young children and believes that well trained and socialised canines can have wonderful benefits for responsible dog owning families with children. Any dog, if trained and socialised properly, can make a wonderful family pet.

Solve common "behavior issues"

Our caring Dog Trainers have tips that can help

  • Leash Pulling: Is your dog walking YOU? Properly training your dog to loose-leash walk is the best way to enjoy walks together, but it takes a little bit of work to master.

  • Socialization: Socialization helps your dog play well with others. Our Puppy Training and Basic Dog Training classes are committed to giving dogs all the socialization training.

Training has been developed to try and prevent behavioural problems, owners giving up on their dogs, and reduce the thousands of dogs who are handed over to rescue organisations, returned to breeders, or are euthanised for preventable behaviour problems.

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